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MEDIKO provides a complete range of Health and Safety solutions from simple audits to undertaking all of health and safety activities in your company.

We deliver health and safety services that support organizational strategy and operations and help clients to improve health outcomes and reduce costs.

No matter what health and safety issue challenge your company whether one time only advice or a full range of services, we are ready to develop a solution, tailored to your specific requirements.


Health and safety

As a health and safety service provider MEDIKO ensures that your business meets legal obligations and provides a safe working environment for employees.

Main activities:

  • Risk assessment of work places
  • Development of measures to eliminate and reduce risks
  • Health monitoring & analyzing it in relation to work
  • Compliance management & auditing
  • Construction Safety Management / Supervision
  • H&S documentation review & Gap analysis
  • Updates regarding changes in H&S legislation and best practice
  • H&S training courses


Environment Laboratory

We provide environmental tests of physical and chemical factors as well as control electric safety of facilities. The measurements are essential part of the risk assessment of work places and all of them are performed under international accreditation, that we maintain.

Physical factors in the work environment

  • Microclimate
  • Noise
  • Vibrations
  • Artificial lightning
  • Electromagnetic fields
  • HVAC - AC & Ventilation systems
  • Coherent & non-coherent optical radiation
  • Wet-bulb globe temperature (WBGT) index

Chemical agents in the work environment

  • Dust - concentration of an inhalable and respirable dust fraction
  • Toxic substances - concentration of chemical agents in the air
  • Air quality - CO2 concentration
  • Mineral oils - concentration of mineral oils
  • Respirable particulates (RCS)

Electrical Safety

  • Loop Impedance test
  • Ground earth resistance test
  • Lightning protection test
  • Residual current devices test
  • Insulation resistance testing
  • Electrical Equipment Testing (EET) - PAT testing DIN VDE 0701-0702


Medical examinations   

We organize and carry out general medical examinations of the workers in compliance with the specific working conditions and the risk assessment.

Mediko has a team of medical specialists and a modern equipment for executing medical check-ups by physician, cardiologist, ophthalmologist, neurologist, otorhinolaryngologist. Prophylactic medical examinations are not only the physical check-ups by a doctor, but also can include screening like laboratory blood tests and other scans like echocardiogram of abdominal organs, mammary glands, thyroid gland, audiometry, that we can provide.

The medical check-ups take place on site or in our partners medical centers across the country.

Annual check-ups contribute to early detection of deviations from healthy status and timely treatment of invisible (hidden) disabilities. During preventive examinations a health record of each employee is prepared  and the employer (company) receives a summarized report on the employee's health status as well as an analysis of the health status of the employees in the company.


Multinational Corporation Support

We are aware of the difficulties faced by international corporations which operate in Bulgaria. Mediko supports foreign companies in implementation of legal requirements and compliance with health and safety legislation.

At the same time we strive to apply already established internal rules and norms of international companies in their future branches in the South-East Europe. We are committed to support you on case studies and we can assist in implementing international standards.


Vocational Training Center

Mediko develops and participates in the implementation of health and safety training's for compliance with the H&S requirements for safe work.

Organizing and conducting training:

  • Representative on Committe/Groups on working conditions
  • Officials conducting health and safety instruction to employees
  • Workers for acquiring a qualification on electrical safety
  • Health and safety officials in construction.
  • First-aid training on staff providing medical assistance, self-help and mutual assistance to injured people
  • Individual training's according to client requirements

Health and safety training's depend on the specific working conditions of each company. Training's take place under lectures or via our e-learn platform.


H&S Manager

Depending on type and nature of the activities, company size, working conditions and risk factors, employers determine one or more officials with appropriate education and qualification to accomplish functions and tasks of a health and safety manager.

Mediko outsources specialists who have theoretical and practical qualification for the fulfillment of the responsibilities of a health and safety manager.

Main responsibilities of a health and safety manger consists in organizing and coordinating activities for health and safety working conditions, applying the legal requirements and representing company in front of Authorities like Labor Inspection.


Supervision of high-risk facilities

We provide technical inspection of high risk equipment such as lifting equipment & gear, elevators, gas installations & pipelines, pressure vessels, steam and water boilers, metal vessels under pressure and tanks and others.

The inspections ensures the integrity of equipment in terms of safety according to the Bulgarian legislation & International safety standards.


Fire Safety  

MEDIKO provides fire safety services in terms of implementation of preventive and organizational measures to ensure fire safety on sites according to Bulgarian legislation.

Main fire safety activities in facilities include:

  • Fire hazard classification
  • Fire safety inspection and evaluation
  • Development of documents & implementation
  • Development of Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)
  • Trainings in fire safety
  • Exercising and testing of evacuation plan
  • Fire extinguishers delivery & maintenance


Project Management

The expert team of Mediko works on projects funded by the EU. With our extensive experience we support companies in obtaining funding for projects in a variety of fields: light and heavy industry, machine building, information technology, human resources, rural development.

Each project is based on an in-depth understanding of the funding requirements and the needs of the applicant.

We manage and provide consulting services for successful implementation and reporting of approved projects.

What can we do for your company:

  • free consultation on the terms of a specific Grant Procedure, including providing a summary of the Guidelines for applicants
  • free evaluation of the potential candidate for the grant and the project idea for compliance with the terms of a specific procedure
  • project development according to the needs of the applicant and the requirements of the relevant procedure
  • support on project implementation and reporting - depending on the specific needs and requirements of the client

We are currently working mainly on the Human Resources Development Operational Program 2014-2020


Energy Efficiency - Building certification

Mediko Ltd. evaluates and certifies buildings with the normative requirements for energy efficiency and implementation of energy saving measures for improving the energy characteristics of the buildings


Distribution of personal protective equipment and work wear

The company relies primarily on the individual approach to each client. We can advice on choosing right personal protective equipment and working clothes. We import and sell personal protective equipment as well as participate in public tenders for delivery of all kinds of PPEs.

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